Spring Term 2024

Our topic web and homework tasks for the Spring term.
Taking part in the RSPB big bird watch was so much fun!  We carried out our bird watch to see which species of birds visited our school grounds, collated our results then uploaded them.
Safer internet day
We thought about ways the internet tries to influence our thoughts and behaviour. We looked at different techniques used to persuade us and then thought about how these techniques work.  We even learnt an internet safety poem! 
Chris Callaghan, author of ‘The Great Chocoplot’ replied to our letters! We were so excited to get our replies.
collaboratively, we made a proggy mat which represented a special place to us.
Coding with our micro-bits. We were able to programme the display so that it showed our names!
We wrote and performed our own version of ‘The Nightmail’ by WH Auden