Autumn Term 2023

Our topic web and homework tasks this term. 
In our DT this term we have designed and made a flavored pitta bread. We had to use our hands to knead flour and water into a dough before adding our choice of ingredients to improve the flavour.  
As part of Black History Month we have been looking at the artist Deborah Roberts.  We tried to use magazine cut outs to emulate her style. 
We went to Cruddas Park library to choose some new books to read.  When we were there we also got to share a story. 
As part of our R.E this term, we went on a visit to Newcastle Cathedral.  We are going to be part of an art project and some of our work is going to be displayed in the Cathedral!
We invited our parents in to share our learning in science this term.  Together we designed and made a board game that showed the positive and negative impact that Humans can have on the environment. 
As part of coding week we looked at different algorithms and how to debug them if there was a problem.  We were then able to apply our skills to enable us to write our own algorithms. 
As part of National maths week we used the book '365 Penguins' by Jean-Luc Fromental  to solve the tricky problem of organising 365 noisy, smelly penguins!
As part of our English we read the book 'The Great Chocoplot'. We loved the book so much that we decided to write some persuasive letters to the author Chris Callaghan to ask him to come and teach us how to write amazing stories.  Fingers crossed he writes back!
To help us develop our knowledge about staying safe online we took part in an online assembly with the internet legends.  It was amazing and we all feel more confident about asking for help if we feel uncomfortable about something we see online. 
In art this term we have been learning how to print in more than one colour.  We developed our knowledge and skills in printing in one colour and then added to our learning by including different colours.