Autumn Term 2023-2024

Our first topic in Year 2 during Autumn term is 'Where in the World is Hawthorn?'
Through this, we will be reading 'The Big Book of the UK,' looking at geographical locations and finding out about our local area. 
In science we were so excited to carry out an experiment about what plants need to survive.  We planted some beans and  found out that plants need water, heat and sunlight in order to grow and be healthy.  We also planted some garlic bulbs in our outdoor learning session with Mrs Bell, which was very exciting.
In English we were learning about given instructions. Mrs Fullard said we had to give her instructions to make a jam sandwich. It was quite tricky at first because we had to be really clear about what she needed to do.  After we helped Mrs Fullard make a jam sandwich, we then talked through the instructions with our partner. This helped is when we wrote instructions on how to plant a seed. We learned that we needed to use imperative/bossy verbs when we are giving instructions.
We have worked really hard in math counting in tens, twos and threes as well as adding and subtracting tens and ones.
During Math through stories week, we read The Smartest Giant in Town and measured the size of George's new clothes using dienes cubes to make sure his new clothes would fit him.
At the end of the term, we got to go on a trip to Hexham on the Santa train. We had a lovely walk to the station where we were met by different characters and Santa himself. We had so much fun on the train colouring in pictures, singing Christmas songs and talking to the Christmas elves. Santa came and gave everyone presents.  We had such a lovely time.