Autumn term 2023 - 2024

Key dates:
17th November - Theatre Royal Poetry Trip
29th November - No Pens Day
30th November - Lego Workshop
We had a great time at Safetyworks in Benwell learning how to stay safe in the community.
We had visitors from HMRC to teach us all about what tax is and how it is spent. We also talked about how to have a career in finance. 
What fun we had as part of No Pens Day when we undertook lots of problem solving!
We visited Excelsior’s career fair to think about the jobs we might like in the future. 
We loved looking at the book ‘How Much Does A Ladybird Weigh’ as part of Maths Week England. 
We explored Germany as part of European Day of Languages.
We harvested our produce from our Edible Playground as part of our outdoor learning. 
We were so happy to receive a visit from Lego and the RAF to explore robotics. We built moon buggies using our STEM knowledge  and programmed them too using our computing knowledge. 
We had a lovely time watching poet John Agard as part of The Children’s Bookshow at the Theatre Royal. 
We love visiting Cruddas Park Library.