Autumn Term - What changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

This term the children are going to learn about the Stone Age and the changes made through this period of time up until the Iron Age. They will research, read a range of texts, watch videos and take part in a Stone Age Day with David from Durham University. The children will have access to many resources to deepen and widen their own knowledge and understanding. They will also have the opportunity to complete a range of activities of home based around this topic. 
Design and Technology Parent Workshop.
As part of their Design and Technology unit of work, the children planned, made and evaluated a Neolithic home. Their finished products were fantastic and we have the 'Neolithic Village' in our classroom. 
Library Visit.
WE love to visit our local library at Cruddas Park. The children have the opportunity to choose a book to take to school, look for books for our topic and share stories with each other. 
No Pens Day.
We had a fantastic day, playing Maths Games, painting a range of different brush strokes and making 'Stone Age' bread! The children had so much fun!
Our Stone Age Day.
We had the best time being Historians from David from Durham University. He took us back in time and spent the day moving through the different periods with the children. They studied artefacts from this time period, learnt how bread was made and  had the opportunity to share their knowledge with David. 
Black History Month.
As part of our work for Black History month, Year 3 studied the American artist Howardena Pindell. She is known as a painter, and her work explores texture, colour and the process of making art. We were inspired by the simple medium of hole-punched painted paper to create our own. 
Maths Week 2024.
Year 3 used the text 'Bear Against Time' by Jean-Luc Fromental. They helped Bear solve many problems linked to time, which in turn, helped them to tell the time in different scenarios.