Summer term 2024

In art we looked at the artist Paul Klee.  We liked the way he used different tints and tones of the same colour to create mood in his art.  We learnt how to add white to make different tints of our original hue, and black to make tones.  We then created our own artwork that included tints and tones. 
We have had a great time in forest school building dens, creating obstacle courses and decorating some trees with watercolour paints. 

The boy at the back of the class.
We all went to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to watch a play of the novel we have been studying in class called the boy at the back of the class.  For some of us it was our very first time at the theatre! It was ver exciting and we really enjoyed watching the actors retell the story we had read. 
Skillsbuilder- game on!

To develop our skills builder skills we took part in the ‘game on’ challenge.  We had to work in groups to develop a new playground game, devise the rules and design a strip we could wear when playing our game. 
To compliment our learning about sculptures in art, we took part in a live lesson with the V&A museum. We looked at tropical modernism in architecture which was used in buildings in Africa and India in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

We looked at the shapes in the architecture and made our own brise soleil, a style of architecture used to make shade and allow air to flow through buildings. 

We then designed and made our own 3D sculptures! 
VERY excited to get our latest INEOS books for our home libraries!
Trash to treasure!
We had a great day taking part in the skills builder challenge 'trash to treasure'.   We developed our leadership, creativity and speaking skills through this challenge.  
To begin with, we analysed existing toys, looking at their components, materials, purpose and enjoyment value.  We then presented our findings to the class. 
After that, we designed a group toy that we could make using recycled materials that we had been collecting.  During this process we had to be mindful that everyone in our group had a chance to speak, was listened to and that everyone's opinions were taken into account in our final design.  
We then got to make our design!  
The class showcase was our final task, where we presented our toy and took questions from our audience.