Science at Hawthorn

Science at Hawthorn aims to nurture the natural curiosity of our children through practical science that is rooted in exploration and explanation.  We encourage our children to ask questions, explore, take risks, explain and reflect. Our science provides memorable and meaningful experiences.  Where possible our outdoor areas are utilised to teach biology lessons.  
We aim to include visits and visitors to school to give each child the knowledge and belief that a career in science is something they can aspire to.  While not all of our children will follow a career in science or related disciplines, aspects of science will influence their lives daily; this means that the science curriculum we provide at Hawthorn, is of vital importance to each child's future success and well-being. 
Hawthorn Pupil Voice
Some of our science in EYFS
Some of our science in KS1
Some of our science in KS2